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    Treat Leaf Gummy Candy Bags

    Original 120mg THC Candy Bags 
    3 servings (40mg THC per serving)

    These gummies from TreatLeaf are infused with the highest quality THC distillate. An absolute snack-on-the go, truly the kind of sweets you wouldn’t mind treating yourself with everyday. Get all three delicious flavours  Cherry Cola, Piña Colada and Orange Mango – the choice is yours!  Feel like a little kid again with every bite of these delicious treats by Treat Leaf. Now available on MOM!

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    Tempered Chocolate Cups

    MOM's Tempered Chocolate Cups are a yummier way to get through any kind of day. Comes in an assortment of delicious flavours, each dosed with 65mg of prime bubble hash.

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    Bruce Banner - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

    Earthy, sativa-d0minant hybrid that lives up to its name, turning any raging hulk of emotion into a mild-mannered, stress-free pussycat. Great for enhancing creativity and fighting depression and pain, while boasting our highest THC content, between 24 and 29%.  Order now and have Bruce Banner shipped directly to your home anywhere in Canada.



You can find in our website the same cannabis products that you will also find at your favorite local medical dispensary in Newfoundland and Labrador. Discounts are offered to individuals with medical conditions, including more affordable prices for our repeat customers ordering from us. Why not browse our site and enjoy your favorite THC goodies, and fill out your order form using our printable order form, or order directly online. Expect that your real mail order marijuana will send to you your orders the very same day that we receive your payment, and be assured that the delivery is both private and secure. Purchase real marijuana online through our direct mail order and expect fast delivery to your home.

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Wondering where to get marijuana in bud form, cookies, hash, tinctures, brownies or butter? Order from us and expect to be amazed by our great selection and quality of weed products, all of which are baked using the finest ingredients, available at a cost that you can easily afford. We have an in-house chef who is a professional cook, and a group of growers who have been cultivating the finest weed which is guaranteed to keep you looking for more. The marijuana for sale in our dispensary are the best, containing actual THC. These products can now be ordered online from our medical dispensary in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our Philosophy
It is our belief that marijuana should be legalized, and that it will reach this status soon. Majority of Canadians these days think this way, especially those who have been waiting for this to happen during the past 60 years. We believe that it is the sovereign right of every citizen to cultivate a plant that grows naturally on our planet, given that you do not cause harm on others. Kindly share the word, along with the positive reviews regarding our online website. We are looking forward to seeing you order from us very soon. Remember that free shipping is available for orders over $200, as well as a discount if you are a medical patient with the right documentation.

Real Marijuana Mail Order to Your Door
If it is your first time to order from us, you may be thinking whether this offer is for real for a scam. We are very real, and here to assist you and your friends have access to the best quality bud, hash, food, and other products which may be challenging to find in Newfoundland and Labrador, or in Canada. Some cities within Canada are quite tolerant of weed use. As such, they even have retail stores which sells weed to walk-in customers. Yes, you can now purchase marijuana online from our mail order delivery service. We are available 24 hours a day! Try our services now by clicking on the live chat, or send us an email and learn more how we can be of assistance to you with our great service and quality weed products.